SpeedGate Dejban PD-300 Specifications

Body: 1.5 mm Scratched stainless steel

Sensors: The optical sensor used in the turnstile is made in South Korea. Five pairs of sensors are installed in each corridor.

Sensor function in traffic control: The safety sensors protect individuals while the flaps are closing. Detecting unauthorized pass, blocking, and setting off alarms in case of trespass Detecting and setting off in case non-passing after the proximity card is used

Mechanism Alloy: 5 mm electroplated iron sheet

Material and mechanism of electric parts: Motor: 24 V DC (Kormas, Turkey), DC switching power: 24 V – 15 A, All electric components used in the gate comply with relevant standards. To observe the safety standards, the 220 V power is first converted into 24 V in the power panel after passing through the miniature circuit breaker outside the gate and is then transmitted to the gate motor using standard cables. Standard cables are used for cabling.

Connection to access control devices: Dejban Traffic Control Gate can be connected to and controlled by all access controllers.

After-sales services: The company supplies the product with one-year warranty and five years of after-sales services (spare parts supply and services).

The main board of the gate: The main board of Dejban Traffic Control Gate is manufactured in Iran. The board is custom-designed and manufactured by the company based on the demand for the traffic control gates.

Ball bearings used in the mechanism: The 10 ball bearings used in each mechanism guarantee smooth operation of the gate mechanism. Overload is considered in the design of the product and selection of ball bearings.

Remote control for opening the whole device: Dejban Traffic Control Gate is equipped with a dual-function remote control. First function: the guard can keep the gate open for as long as required. Second function: the guard opens the gate and it is automatically closed after a few seconds.

Elegance, layout, fingerprint: Locating of the access control devices in the gate frame is a routine process in the company. the access control devices are embedded in the gate frame without visually disturbing it. Notice: face detection access controllers are installed outside the frame.

Other features of Dejban traffic control gate:

  • Elegant, ergonomic design with rounded corners and an arched upper frame to make unauthorized crossing over the turnstile very difficult.
  • Adjustable opening time and display of time on an electronic board screen
  • Adjustable 8-mode traffic function in one-way and two-way passages Compatibility with all kinds of access control and attendance devices
  • CE certificate of product quality; ISO 9001 and ISO 10002
  • Dimensions: 154 cm × 33 cm × 105 cm



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